Utility Installation

Our Utility Installation division excavates and installs all wet and dry utilities, including domestic water, fire water, sewer, storm drain, gas, and electric, as well as individual lines such as AT&T and Time Warner.  With each utility, Sub-Zero’s Utility Installation division has worked through some of the toughest projects whether it be installing a 34-foot-deep sewer tie-in in an active street or rerouting all live utilities in an active shopping center, minimizing costs for the owner.  Sub-Zero will install anything from the minor landscape piping to developmental scale 120-inch retention systems.  For Sub-Zero, there is no pipe or system too big or too small. Sub-Zero has a hazardous materials license meaning that we can complete many projects that typical underground subcontractors can not.  This includes installing gasoline holding tanks ranging from 10000 to 35000 gallons. 

With our years of experience, we are able to identify procedures and systems that will not work in the field that have been employed by engineers and architects.  We provide substitutions for these which in turn provide costs savings for our clients. 

Grading and Demolition

Our Grading and Demolition division offers a range of services within the grading domain.  In the case of already existing structures, we offer full-scale demolition and exporting services.  When the existing structures have been demolished and removed, our graders begin the removal and recompacting process.  We supply both rough and fine (blue-top) grading throughout this process. Depending on the circumstance and the overall goal of the project, our graders’ extensive knowledge will help our clients make the best decision about what type of grading their property needs.  

In addition to this, we offer an agricultural and landscape service to our clients.  Our Grading and Demolition division goes beyond the typical corporation, completing all aspects of the process whether it be government relations and protocols or the removal and planting of agriculture.

However, what sets the Grading and Demolition division apart is the crucial partnerships we have created with the organizations needed to complete our clients’ projects.  From trucking to dumping, we have created partnerships to give our clients the lowest price possible.


Our Concrete Division constructs and lays all structural concrete, on-site and off-site (B-permit) concrete, and masonry work as well as all asphalt and grading work within the concrete scope. 

Operated Equipment Rental

Beginning in 1998, Sub-Zero’s main service was Equipment Rental.  For the next five years, we perfected the service.  However, it still wasn’t enough.  We searched for a way we could improve our service and offer our own expertise.  It was because of this we transition into an Operated Equipment Rental service.  With this, we can now offer our clients to contract not only our equipment but also our operators.  Our clients can now use our intellectual capital as an asset to guide them through their projects rather than completing a mere transaction. As a result, our clients can make better decisions on how minimize costs and maximize profits in each project.  

We offer a wide range of backhoes, excavators, loaders, skid steers, compactors, water trucks, and vacuum trucks.  We have the equipment necessary to complete each and every project you have.

Why Sub-Zero Excavating?

Value Engineering

Through its 20+ years of existence, Sub-Zero has fostered a value engineering culture where our estimators go beyond the typical bidding process, minimizing costs for our clients even further.  Our estimators do this by renegotiating cheaper substitutions directly with the project architects of the parts and processes needed to accomplish the work required.  Value Engineering saves our clients thousands on top of their initial bid and increasing their return on investment over time.

This unique skill applies to all aspects of Sub-Zero’s civil scope including their installation of utility systems (wet and dry) as well as infiltration and retention systems.  It has been one of Sub-Zero’s greatest points of differentiation for the last 20 years.

Streamlined Civil Construction

Sub-Zero’s business model is unique to the industry in that we offer our clients multiple services whether it be utility installation, concrete and finishing, grading and demolition, or operated equipment rental.  This allows Sub-Zero to complete most, if not all, civil work in house, without the involvement of other entities.  Streamlining the civil construction of our projects drastically improves communication and reduces the time needed to complete our projects. 

20 Years of Experience

Since 1998, Sub-Zero has served hundreds of general contractors, developers, and others clients throughout California.  With these many years, Sub-Zero has created unique relationships with all others in the construction process. Through its existence and experience, the corporation has fostered an intellectual capital within so many of its employees, teaching and giving opportunities to these employees for over 20 years.

Our Range of Operations

California Sub Zero.2
While we are based in the greater Los Angeles area, Sub-Zero has completed projects all throughout California and taken the occasional project in northern California.  However, the bulk of our work stretches the lower half of California from San Jose to San Diego. 
California Sub Zero.2

While we are based in the greater Los Angeles area, Sub-Zero has completed projects all throughout California and taken the occasional project in northern California.  However, the bulk of our work stretches the lower half of California from San Jose to San Diego.